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I found my calling

For the last twenty plus years, I have been an unofficial matchmaker connecting people with jobs, housing, romantic partners, you name it! I have always been a natural connector and love helping people with whatever they are trying to find. A friend called me to say she was considering selling her house, and I told her I knew someone who would want to buy it—a real estate transaction complete. An older family friend asked me if I knew anyone for her son and I set him up with my best friend from law school—they have been married for 24 years and have 3 kids.

In my mid forties, I found myself divorced after 15 years of marriage. I discovered there were lots of other fabulous women around my age in my area who were also divorced. Three friends and I formed a little group of divorced moms that expanded over time. Some of the women have become lifelong besties and others found themselves new husbands. I love the concept of women supporting other women during difficult times.

I have always wanted a side-hustle beyond my career as a policy lawyer, but I wasn’t sure what I could do. In 2021, it came to me that I should help people find love again. During Covid, I got certified as a professional matchmaker and dating coach (yes, there is actually a certifying body out there for people to become relationship coaches.)

What I have learned in my classes and through coaching people is that the key to finding love again is being open to all possibilities but also remaining keenly aware of what you want and need. It sounds easier than it is…when people first start dating after divorce or a loss of a spouse, there are lots of potential suitors out there on the vast number of dating apps. Endless swiping is fun but ultimately depressing. You finally find someone you want to go out with more than three times and then you realize over time that this new person, who seemed fun and easy in the beginning, is not what you want or need. But, one must get a relationship under their belt to even understand what it means to know what you want and need. Not to mention that your needs change over time as you and your kids age.

I use science-based methods to help people understand what they want and need in a partner. Maybe you want to find someone to marry or maybe you just want someone to hang out with on Saturday nights when your ex has the kids. Maybe you want someone to take to events and/or snuggle in bed reading the NYTs on Sunday mornings with coffee. It is possible to find what you want, but it takes work. And, it is easiest, and more efficient when you have a coach along for the journey.

Why a dating coach? A coach helps guide you and keeps you accountable. For example, when you want to get in shape, you may hire a trainer or get personalized instruction at the gym. When you want to lose weight you might hire a nutritionist. When your child needs help in math, you may hire a tutor. It follows that when you are ready to get serious about finding someone, you hire a dating coach.

When you are ready, give me a call.

With love,


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07 ene 2023

Congratulation! You’re going to be AMAZING!

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